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Journal Article

Stanojević, Nataša (2022) Assessing Serbia’s Cereals Export to the Middle East Markets. New Medit - A Mediterranean Journal of Economics, Agriculture and Environment, 21 (2). pp. 3-16. ISSN 2611-1128

Stanojević, Nataša and Vujić, Nenad and Vujović, Slavoljub (2022) The Causes of the Rise of Euroscepticism: a Survey of Serbian Citizens in 2020. Journal of Contemporary European Studies.

Šaranović, Jovanka and Stanojević, Nataša and Marček, Jan (2022) The Challenges of Professional Advancement of Women in the Serbian Armed Forces. Teme, XLVI (3). pp. 715-731. ISSN 0353-7919

Stanojević, Nataša (2022) Razvojni efekti „Investicionog okvira za Zapadni Balkan”. Međunarodna poltika, LXXIII (1184). pp. 117-146. ISSN 0543-3657

Stanojević, Nataša (2021) Geoeconomic Concept and Practice: Classification of Contemporary Geoeconomic Means. The Review of International Affairs, LXXII (1183). pp. 29-46. ISSN 0486-6096

Stanojević, Nataša (2020) Arab countries along the Maritime Silk Road - Costs and Benefits analysis. The Review of International Affairs, LXXI (1177). pp. 5-24. ISSN 0486-6096

Stanojević, Nataša (2020) Deglobalization of the World Economy and its Effects on the Western Balkan Countries. Ekonomske teme, 58 (3). pp. 343-362. ISSN 0353-8648

Stanojević, Nataša (2020) Export potential of Serbia`s defense industry. Ekonomika preduzeća, LXVIII (7-8). pp. 510-521. ISSN 0353-443X

Kotlica, Slobodan and Stanojević, Nataša (2020) Od zatvorene ka otvorenoj inovaciji. Ekonomski vidici, XXV (3-4). pp. 155-170. ISSN 0354-9135

Stanojević, Nataša and Kotlica, Slobodan (2020) The impact of global trends on Serbian foreign trade. Industrija, 48 (4). pp. 81-95. ISSN 0350-0373

Book Chapter

Zakić, Katarina and Stanojević, Nataša (2022) Between aspiration and reality: Sino-Serbian economic relation. In: China in World and Regional Politics. History and Modernity. Institute of China and Contemporary Asia of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ICCA RAS), pp. 298-311.

Stanojević, Nataša (2022) The Dual Circulation strategy: China’s response to declining international economic connectivity. In: The Connectivity Cooperation Between China and Europe: A Multi-Dimensional Analysis. Routledge, London, pp. 106-129. ISBN 978-1-003-28327-0

Stanojević, Nataša (2022) Dualna cirkulacija i novi pravci agrarne politike u Kini. In: Kineski razvojni izazovi : promene i projekcije. Institut za međunarodnu politiku i privredu, Beograd, pp. 201-228. ISBN 978-86-7067-303-8

Kotlica, Slobodan and Stanojević, Nataša (2021) Globalization at the crossroads: contemporary risks of inclusion in global value chains. In: Economic and Social Development (Book of Proceedings), 75th International Scientific Conference on Economic and Social Development. Varazdin Development and Entrepreneurship Agency, Varazdin, Croatia; University North, Koprivnica, Croatia; University, pp. 96-104. ISBN 1849-7535

Stanojević, Nataša (2021) ICT and the Convergence of the Middle East to the Developed Economies. In: Convergence and Confrontation: The Balkans and the Middle East in the 21st Century. Institute of International Politics and Economics, Belgrade, pp. 167-193. ISBN 978-86-7067-293-2

Stanojević, Nataša (2021) The Rise of European Protectionism. In: Europe in changes: The old continent at a new crossroads. Institute of International Politics and Economics, Belgrade; Faculty of Security Studies at the University of Belgrade, Belgrade, pp. 407-423. ISBN 978-86-7067-282-6

Stanojević, Nataša and Kotlica, Slobodan (2021) Socio-Economic Response to Coronavirus Challenges: Comparative Study of Serbia and the Selected European Countries. In: International Organizations and States' Response to COVID-19. Institute of International Politics and Economics, Belgrade, pp. 243-260. ISBN 978-86-7067-291-8

Stanojević, Nataša and Zakić, Katarina (2021) Western Balkans Labour Market Policies Response to COVID-19. In: Book of abstracts / International scientific conference Applied economics conference: labour, health, education and welfare, october 28-29, 2021 Belgrade. Institute of economic sciences, Beograd, pp. 29-31. ISBN 978-86-89465-59-4

Stanojević, Nataša (2020) Eurasian economic integration and the possibility of increasing Serbia’s exports to Russia. In: Russia and Serbia in the Contemporary World : bilateral relations, challenges and opportunities. Institute of International politics and economics, Belgrade, pp. 39-56. ISBN 978-86-7067-278-9

Stanojević, Nataša and Kotlica, Slobodan (2020) Perspectives of Serbia's International Trade after 2020. In: Contemporary Issues in Economics, Business and Management (EBM 2020). Faculty of Economics, Kragujevac, pp. 195-205. ISBN 978-86-6091-116-4


Stanojević, Nataša (2021) Karakteristike privreda Bliskog istoka i severne Afrike i perspektive ekonomske saradnje sa Srbijom. Institut za međunarodnu politiku i privredu, Beograd. ISBN 978-86-7067-284-0

Stanojević, Nataša (2020) Effects of China`s New Silk Road on the participating economies. Eliva Press. ISBN 978-1-63648-030-5

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